MasterMount™ Dry Mount Tissue

Affordable, low temperature adhesive ideal for most uses, and available in many sizes.

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SizeCount Price Quantity
8" x 10" Sheets 25 Sheets $13.15
8" x 10" Sheets 100 Sheets $25.10
8" x 10" Sheets 1000 Sheets $215.25
8.5" x 11" Sheets 25 Sheets $16.30
8.5" x 11" Sheets 100 Sheets $28.10
8.5" x 11" Sheets 1000 Sheets $241.75
11" x 14" Sheets 25 Sheets $20.50
11" x 14" Sheets 100 Sheets $42.25
11" x 14" Sheets 1000 Sheets $368.95
13" x 19" Sheets 100 Sheets $76.50
16" x 20" Sheets 100 Sheets $66.50
24.5" x 150' Roll 1 Roll $103.45
36.5" x 150' Roll 1 Roll $141.75
40.5" x 150' Roll 1 Roll $131.75
48.5" x 150' Roll 1 Roll $152.50

MasterMount™ Dry Mount Tissue

MasterMount dry mount tissue is a low-temperature dry mounting adhesive that bonds most paper images to such standard substrates as foam and card stock boards. This versatile dry mount tissue also works well bonding images to smooth wood surfaces for plaquing.

MasterMount employs an extra thick coating of adhesive that activates as it heats and bonds as it cools. It’s wide bonding range and thick coating provide an extra measure of forgiveness for users with older presses.

Users will find that MasterMount’s adhesive coating is not as slick as most dry mount tissues making it easier to handle and position large items to be mounted. We strongly recommend using a release paper cover sheet to protect the image and the mounting equipment.

Common Applications

Art Prints
Digital Prints

Common Substrates

Foam Boards
Card Stock
Smooth Surface Woods

Press Temperature

165°F – 190°F

Product Features

Breathable Core
Low Activating Temperature
Reversible Bond

Instructions/Data Sheet

MasterMount Instructions/Data Sheet

Release Paper

Silicone treated release paper is the ideal material to protect your image and keep the press clean while you mount.

View Our Release Paper products.

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