Hot Press HGP Series Vacuum Presses – Drytac

Glass top vacuum press for best in class performance.

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Hot Press HGP Series Vacuum Presses – Drytac

The Hot Press heated glass top vacuum press handles a wide range of presentation graphics and substrates. The tempered glass top allows most applications to remain visible even when the top is closed. Most important the inner surface of the lower sheet of glass is embedded with an invisible conductive film creating a superior heating system that provides far more even heating than traditional metal platens. With three convenient sizes there is a Hot Press for every application and budget.

The Hot Press comes with a built-in programmable process timer leaving the operator free to prepare other jobs. The unique Hot Press heating system is widely acknowledged as the best press heating system in the world. By passing electricity across a special conductive coating on a sheet of strengthened glass, a very even heat is created. This heat is monitored several times every second by a special sensor for especially tight control. The use of a glass platen, rather than a metal one, leads to fast warm-up times.


Touch-pad controls.
Adjustable pressure settings.
Programmable system control.
Vacuum dump at end of cycle.
Fast, even heating system.
Maintenance-free vacuum pump.

Specifications – HGP260

Working Capacity: 35″ x 47″
Dimensions: 39″ x 51″
Net wt/ Ship wt: 159lbs / 198 lbs
Power: 220v SV single phase, 13 amp
Buy Now: $5,995.00
Floor Stand: $399.95

Specifications – HGP 360

Working Capacity: 47″ x 71″
Dimensions: 42.25″ x 66.5″
Net wt/ship wt: 244 lbs / 320 lbs
Power: 220v AC single phase, 22 Amps
Buy Now: $7,495.00
Floor Stand: $449.95

Specifications – HGP 560

Working Capacity: 50.25″ x 98.25″
Dimensions: 56″ x 103″
Net wt/ ship wt: 463 lbs / 1130lbs
Power: 220v AC single phase. 28 amp
Buy Now: $10,695.00 Includes stand.