Dry Mounting a Photo using Thermal Adhesive

This method of mounting graphics is straightforward, neat and predictably reliable. It is best accomplished using a dry mount press. Thermal mounting requires uniform heat and pressure for best results. A dry mount press is designed to provide those two attributes. Today’s dry mount tissues are designed to bond most paper images to smooth substrates (boards) using safe temperatures.

Step 1

To mount an image set the press temperature to 170 -180 F (for our MasterMount Dry Mount Tissue).


Step 2

Assemble the package of materials for the press in the following order top to bottom:
A. Release Paper
B. Image
C. MasterMount dry mount tissue
D. Substrate
E. Release Paper


Step 3

Place in the press for approximately 2-4 minutes.

The time in the press (dwell time) can vary depending upon the size of the image and substrate and the type of substrate. For example a 16″x20″ image and substrate will require a slightly longer dwell time than an 8″x10″ size. In the same way a substrate of double weight card stock will require more time than a similarly sized substrate of foam board.


Step 4

Remove the entire package (including release paper), place it on a table to cool for about 30 seconds. This cooling period allows the adhesive to solidly bond.



There are more detailed instructions for dry mounting often found in the specification sheets that are supplied with the dry mount tissue. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the product. Steps such as “pre-drying” the image and the substrate are generally suggested by each adhesive manufacturer and should be followed.

Do not dry mount artwork of value as dry mounting alters the original condition of the art and consequently devalues the product. Dry mounting is not an application for conservation or archival treatment.