Pressure Sensitive Adhesive sheets are made of a very thin layer of pressure sensitive adhesive coated on two release sheets. Pressure sensitive adhesives (peel & stick) need a clean environment for application. As the release sheets are removed to expose the adhesive a small static charge may draw tiny dust particles. Please wipe down your working area to ensure a clean working area.

Step 1

Carefully separate one layer of release paper working from one corner and, when about 1 inch of adhesive is exposed along one edge, crease the release liner near the separation. This will allow the adhesive to rest away from your graphic in the next step.

Step 2

Place the graphic face down and align the edge of the exposed adhesive to a size-matching edge of the graphic. Lightly push the adhesive down onto the graphic beginning in the center then gently work the adhesive left and right so the first inch of adhesive in now in contact with the graphic.

Step 3

Peel back the release sheet slowly and allow the exposed adhesive to fall onto the graphic. When done correctly the adhesive will fall without bubble or wrinkles. Some users prefer to gently rub the adhesive into place working from the center to the edges in this step. Practice a few times with scrap material. This is not a difficult procedure but it is much easier after a bit of practice.

Step 4

Trim any excess adhesive. You now have an adhesive backed graphic. Using a cloth or plastic applicator (similar to a credit card) burnish the back of the adhesive to ensure complete contact with the graphic.

Step 5

Now apply the adhesive backed graphic to your substrate. Separate the adhesive at one corner and pull back about 1″ of release paper and crease. Align the graphic with the substrate and gently push the exposed adhesive onto the substrate along the aligned edge working from the center to the right and left sides. Save the release sheet!

Step 6

Peel back the release paper allowing the exposed adhesive to fall into place on the substrate. Burnish the adhesive backed graphic by rubbing to ensure good contact. Place a release sheet over the graphic to protect the image as you burnish.

Step 7

Trim if needed.


Some prefer to apply the adhesive to the substrate first. This method works equally well.

A tip to separate the release paper: Place two pieces of tape over a corner of the adhesive sheet at a 90 degree angle to the corner. One piece of tape on the bottom of the sheet, the other on the top. Keep the extra tape that is off the release paper apart. When you pull the tape apart the release paper may come with it.

Most pressure sensitive adhesives “cross-link” or “cure” within 24 hours. Your graphic will be bonded as soon as contact is made, but the bond improves with age.

This is a permanent adhesive. We also offer repositionable pressure sensitive adhesives